Service Policy

Ameliorate staffing agency is determined to achieve high business and professional ethics standards for the organization, and its employees. The company and all its workers will earn and enjoy the trust of its clients, the public, the corporate sector, and government regulators through successful compliance with their requirements and our privacy policy.

It is the personal duty of all nurses and caregivers to become acquainted with the legal and policy requirements and limitations that relate to their delegated roles and responsibilities and to act accordingly while maintaining confidentiality.

In addition to the exclusive legal issues involved, in the fulfillment of their assigned duties, all nurses and caregivers assigned to nursing homes or residential care programs for young adults are required to comply with high standards of personal and business ethics. It includes abiding by the Code of Ethics and privacy policy of both Ameliorate and the facility in which they practice.


Any behavior, relationship, or circumstance that may endanger or affect the trust or esteem with which Ameliorate staffing agency is regarded by its clients, that include nursing homes and residential care programs, must be avoided by any individual and member of the staff.

All nurses and caregivers recruited by Ameliorate shall follow all relevant laws and regulations in full. Serious consequences may have to be faced if there is a deliberate and intentional violation of the law.

Ameliorate staffing agency participates in intensive, honest, and ethical competition in its various business operations. Conversations and negotiations with rivals are specifically forbidden in regards to pricing or other business policies and practices.


Wherever practicable, all allegations and inquiries are handled confidentially, and details are revealed solely on a need-to-know basis. The complainant's identity is typically disclosed to the concerned parties during the inquiry, and the HR team may take reasonable measures to make sure that the complainant is safe from retribution during and after the probe. All details related to a complaint or prosecution under this policy will be stored in safe files within the human resources department.


Staff may have access to sensitive details about Ameliorate, other members of the staff, or clients. The protection of confidential information is vital to the integrity of our business. Such knowledge must be used with care and control, and it can only be exchanged with persons who have a valid and legal need and right to have this information.

No member of the staff shall reveal sensitive information of any kind to anyone but individuals who need to know as mandated by law or third party in the performance of duties.

Details concerning the personnel or a client of Ameliorate may not be revealed to third parties, governments, or other organizations without prior permission from the individual or organization concerned.